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Mission Statement


Independent Americans United supports political change through electoral reform and by empowering and engaging Independents and all voters who have become disaffected and disengaged from politics. We advocate open primaries, redistricting reform and equity in ballot access and fundraising rules for Independent candidates. We also support voter education and mobilization and making it easier to register and vote.


We will be a catalyst for change by promoting greater diversity of voices in the political process and encouraging centrist Independent candidates who bring a different perspective to the political process and promote problem solving rather than hyper-partisanship and political brinksmanship to run for office.


The only way to fix the polarization and dysfunction of our political system is to change the rules of the game and bring more accountability to governing by counterbalancing the influence of large political donors and special interests with a greater public role in the political process.


We must re-engage American citizens in politics. The Republican and Democratic parties do not own the American political system and our government – it belongs to the people. We cannot wait for the political parties, career politicians and entrenched political interests to fix what is wrong with politics because they never will - change must come from outside the system.


Redistricting Reform


Most legislative districts are drawn in back room deals by the politicians who benefit from the way those districts are drawn and the public has little or no input or impact on the decision making process. Non-competitive, gerrymandered districts are having an extremely negative effect on the legislative process. This is an incredibly serious problem and redistricting reform is badly needed.



Open Primaries


In half of the states in the country Independent, unaffiliated voters cannot participate in primary elections and are shut out of an electoral process they pay for with their tax dollars. This disenfranchisement is not only unfair it is fundamentally undemocratic. Every registered voter should be able to participate in all elections, especially since the primary is in effect the general election in so many non-competitive legislative districts around the country. We support changes to election laws to allow Independent voters to participate fully in our democratic system and be able to vote in primary elections.



Ballot Access and Fundraising Equity


Every state has different laws governing how independent candidates can gain access to the ballot and how much they are permitted to accept in campaign contributions. This is fundamentally unfair. We support legal challenges and legislative changes to these unconstitutional laws.



Oppose Voting Restrictions and Make it Easier to Vote


We support efforts to make it easier for people to register and vote including online and same day registration and encouraging greater electoral participation by young voters, Latinos and Independents.


Raise your hand for democracy!

Raise Your Hand For Democracy!

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