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If you care about this country but are turned off by the polarization and dysfunction of our political system, disappointed by what is happening in Washington and don’t feel represented by your political leaders we need you to get involved in this effort.


Extreme partisanship and a political system driven by super PACs, unlimited dark money, special interest lobbyists, and career politicians who put personal ambition before national interest has resulted in an unresponsive government unable to meet the significant challenges facing our nation.


Most Americans don’t feel well represented by a political system which amplifies the power of special interests and extreme political partisans and makes problem solving almost impossible.


We can only change politics and bring more accountability to governing if we change the rules of the game.


The Republican and Democratic parties and the people who fund them do not own the American political system and our government – it belongs to the people. But politicians have found a way to unfairly game the system through closed primaries and heavily gerrymandered, non-competitive legislative districts which allow them to avoid accountability and get reelected even though the American people don’t think they are doing their jobs.


We cannot wait for the political parties, politicians and entrenched political interests to fix what is wrong with politics because they never will. Change must come from outside the system.


Independent Americans United will be a catalyst for change by promoting open primaries, redistricting reform driven by people not politicians and equity in ballot access and fundraising rules for all political candidates.


We will disrupt the way politics is played by changing the rules and supporting greater diversity. We will encourage serious, viable, centrist Independent candidates who are socially tolerant, fiscally responsible and environmentally conscious to run for office. They won’t be beholden to either party because they aren’t career politicians. They will bring a different perspective to the political process and be able to forge legislative compromise and promote problem solving instead of hyper-partisanship and political brinksmanship.


Independent Americans United will empower and engage all voters in the political process and give them a voice in governing this nation.


"We can only change politics
and bring more accountability
to governing if we change
the rules of the game."

"The American political system and our government belong to the people not to the political parties and special interests."

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